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Spring 2024

12.03 2024

Will Holder

Since 2007, F.R. DAVID was a journal concerned with reading & writing in the arts (co-published by KW since 2017, and de Appel, Amsterdam, before that). Following the logic of an after-party, you are invited to stanza – for hanging around, reading/browsing or listening in on conversations – as 17 years of publishing, editing and keeping a journal of private reading, comes to an end.

We have invited Copenhagen-based musicians (flute, piano etc.) to play into this context, a five hour response of sorts, from 16:00 onwards. We will provide drinks, and Will has brought all 24 issues. Reading is encouraged, silently; to each other, to everyone – as are other messages (microphone). 

Following an open call, this is—the very last issue—a collectively-compiled ‘Erratum’, or addendum [if you will] to the twenty-three issues from 2007 until now.

Edited with Paul Abbott, After 8, Alma Sarif, Phil Baber, Daniel Blumberg, Thomas Boutoux, Kristien Van den Brande, Chloe Chignell, Martina Copley, Anthony Elms, Chris Evans, Carolina Festa, Kasper Feyrer, Richard Finlay Fletcher, Ben Green, Mariëtte Groot, Krist Gruijthuijsen, Léa Guillon, Sarah Handley, Gloria Hasnay, Loes Jacobs, Michel Khleifi, Willis Kingery, gerlach en koop, James Goggin, Keira Greene, Léa Guillon, Jacob Lindgren, Kobe Matthijs, Martino Morandi, Zen Nguyen, Alice Notley, Robert M. Ochshorn, Oscar the dog, Willem Oorebeek, David Reinfurt, Scott Rogers, Andrés de Santiago Areizaga, Rosa Sarholz, Clara Schulmann, Andrea di Serego Alighieri, Sabrina Tarasoff, Kristy Trinier, Seymour Wright and Unknown

9 & 10.05 2024
Exploded Bibliography
17:00 – ?

An Abcedminded / Episodic Index
to Bricks from the Kiln
(or, the ornamentation and flowers of rhetoric)

Two evenings of Bricks from the Kiln at stanza, presented by co-editor Matthew Stuart + guests! 

Started in 2015, Bricks from the Kiln* is a semi-yearly journal and imprint for explorative and critical, creative writing.

Six volumes have been printed to date (a seventh in production, as we speak) — Its growing index of names and references constitutes the intellectual roots, drawing nutrients to the printed pages between leaves of editions published.

Recent issues will be for sale and previous (sold out) volumes will be on display for flipping.

Programme: chronologically (Evening One)
and alphabetically (Evening Two).

9 May:  17:00 – 19:00

Lecture by co-editor Matthew Stuart on the come-abouts of Brick from the Kiln (and its bibliography) 

10 May: 17:00 – ?

An evening of responses to the bibliography, from a growing list of participants(writers, artists, readers) who has been invited to pick a name from the bibliography, and share a reading of their work.

Resounding to the responses, Vi Arp will be creating musical ambience and vibrational frames, stanza will cook ad-hoc dinner + the bar will be open!

* Bricks from the Kiln is an irregular journal / multifarious publisher edited and designed by Matthew Stuart and Andrew Walsh-Lister.

Matthew is a typographer, editor, writer and senior lecturer at Kingston School of Art. Andrew is currently teaching at Yale School of Art, New Haven; researching PhD Arts & Humanities, Royal College of Art, London and has just finished co-curating the exhibition Lily Greenham: An Art of Living at the Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe.

Together they run the studio: Traven T. Croves.

Summer / Fall 2023

23.09 2023

Julie Peeters

BILL, a magazine without words – is an annual publication of photographic stories, edited and designed by *Julie Peeters. **The fourth edition contains 184 offset printed pages printed mostly in CMYK with some silver on 13 different paper stocks. 

“I was initially thinking to call it Pelican (or Pelikaan, in Dutch), based on a bar in Antwerp that had a great neon sign of the word “pelican.” It was pretty random and every time someone would ask me about my magazine I was slightly embarrassed to reveal the name. In the meantime I had already created the logo which is an abstraction of a pelican’s beak. A few months after, I was visiting a friend in upstate NY and staying in a room that had a huge library on bird-watching books. I started to go through them and kept on reading the word “bill,” which I then realised was another word for a bird’s beak. The word “bill” has so many different meanings and connotations which I thought would be great for a magazine without any text in it. When people encounter the word “bill” it generates an array of visual images, ranging from a person, a pet, a money bill, an invoice, a playbill, and of course the bird one. I like that it’s a word that keeps people guessing/visualizing.”

(Julie Peeters, 2019 from this interview)

At stanza, Julie Peeters will be present for a short presentation of a limited print edition of work by Inge Grognard (famed make-up artist of Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten and Balenciaga) along with a selection of garments adorned with prints of Adrianna Glaviano.

BILL 4 will be for sale and previous (sold out) volumes will be on display for flipping, presenting work of artists such as: Bart Julius Peters, Hans Hollein, Tadashi Kurahashi and Tadanori Yokoo, Rare Books Paris, Linda Van Deursen, Rosalind Nashashibi and Vivian Suter, Katja Mater and Arthur Ou.

There will be a cocktail + a bar. 

*Julie Peeters is a designer and editor based in Brussels. Working closely with artists, photographers and curators around print, is at the core of her practice. In 2021, she presented her first solo exhibition, Daybed, at MACRO in Rome. She has worked on artist books with Linder Sterling, Silke Otto Knapp, Rosalind Nashashibi, Yuji Agematsu, Thomas Demand among many others.

She is the founder and creative director of BILL and has taught at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, and currently teaches at KASK School of Arts, Ghent.

**Contributions for BILL 4 are made by George Tourkovasilis who comes back at Akwa Ibom, Radio Athènes, Melas Martinos; Cinzia Ruggeri through the lenses of Ilvio Gallo and Occhiomagico; SC103’s first runway;  Inge Grognard xx eyes; aspic and eggs by Adrianna Glaviano; the contact sheets of Santi Caleca;  Eyeballing Rosalind Nashashibi; magazine spreads from Anders Edström, Curtis Cuffie, Hans Hollein.

24.08 2023
Book Launch

bahraini — danish
positive encounters

Published by s / z

positive encounters is a comprehensive monograph of work by the design collective *bahraini—danish. The book presents as an overview of work produced between 2016-2022 narrated via technical illustrations, essayistic photography as well as archival material. It is an epistolary novel in some sense too — in media res — hence left empty of a page numbered ‘1’.

The concept for the book was developed by bahraini—danish in collaboration with graphic designer **Line-Gry Hørup, and is the second release by stanza’s imprint s/z.

positive encounters can be purchased at stanza for 300 dkk / 40 eur (mobile pay or cash). 

For the launch a special discount will be available, all members of bahraini—danish will be present, as will a selection of their work + there will be drinks!

*bahraini—danish was established in Bahrain in 2016 by Batool Alshaikh, Maitham Almubarak and Christian Vennerstrøm Jensen. Their work has been presented across the Middle East and Europe and is named after the many historical encounters between Bahrain and Denmark. The countries have exchanged knowledge within areas such as archaeology, architecture, dairy production and now, also furniture design.

**Line-Gry Hørup is a designer, writer and researcher. She holds a professorship of communication design at HfG Karlsruhe and is part of stanza.

The project was supported by The Danish Art Foundation


stanza is a project space and studio for graphic design and publishing. It was initiated in 2022 and is run by Marie Højlund, Freja Kir and Line-Gry Hørup. As a studio we accept commissions (for portfolio, please get in touch). 

stanza is a physical address for activities that examine critical publishing as a medium to visit several disciplines, inherent interdisciplinary structures as well as the democratic potential of commonly accessible formats and their artistic prospects.

As a noun, stanza has a double meaning, referring both to the linguistic (from English) and to the spatial (from Italian). While the first, points to the structure of poems, ‘a verse’ — a shaping of language, as well as the basic material for graphic design, the later simply means ‘a room’ — a meeting place ♡.


s/z is the imprint of stanza. Titles are available for direct order and in store purchase.

Titles include The Völvas Bestiary of Best Friends by artist Rasmus Myrup (co-published with Coda Press), positive encounters by designers bahraini—danish and coming up in 2024: Dansk Typografi – Mudder og Regnvand by artist Paul Elliman.


stanza does not offer internships at this time. Should a possibility become available, we will announce via our newsletter and Instagram account.


stanza is a non-profit association and union founded on an interest in developing the way in which the concept of publishing is seen and discussed. Supporters of our space can become members of the association.

stanza curate and host local events, talks, presentations and exhibitions. These activities rely on research, fair working conditions and public inclusivity. The programme of stanza relies on the generous support of funding, donation and members. 

As a member, you will receive a quarterly members-only newsletter, receive discount on selected events and publications, be invited for special previews, get priority access to any RSVP events, and most importantly, support the space.

Annual membership

Student, other valid reason: 100 dkk / 14 eur
Regular: 300 dkk / 42 eur
Company, institution: 1.500 dkk / 210 eur
Donation: Any amount welcome

Sign-up for membership or support here


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Buying books

Either drop by our space for direct purchase via mobile pay or cash, or send us an email for an invoice and bank transfer:

Current titles

positive encounters by bahraini—danish

Language: English / Arabic
Published by: s/z, 2023
Size: 210 x 280 mm, 242 p.
Price: 40 EUR

The Völva’s Bestiary of Best Friends
by Rasmus Myrup

Language: English
Co-published by: Coda Press and s/z, 2023
Size: 210 x 280 mm, 232 p.
Price: 330 DKK

Sengetid / Bettzeit
Ursula Reuter Christiansen & Adam Christensen

Published by: Kunstmuseet I Tønder, 2023
Language: Danish / German and some English
Size: 207 x 284 mm, 82 p.
Price: 225 DKK

repetition, repetition,
by Anni’s

Language: English
Published by: BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE, 2023
Size: 125 x 190 mm, 333 p.
Price: 225 DKK

BLOOD: The Poems and Archive of R. Broby-Johansen
by Line-Gry Hørup 

Language: English
Published by: Kunstverein Publishing, 2020
Size: 190 x 235 mm, 400 p.
Price: 400 DKK

Spring / Summer 2023

21.06 2023

repetition, repetition,


repetition, repetition, is a publication compiled, edited and designed by *Anni’s. The process started as a study on how the grid – as a system, structure or blank space – operates as a phenomenon: how it persists and utilises constellations within craft-making, art, architecture and design. Firstinitiated in 2016, the publication has manifested to a self-reflexive, rigorous journey on the inner workings of a graphic designer. **While researching the book, Anni’s visited various specialist libraries in Europe, as well as the book shelves and archives of friends.

repetition, repetition, can be purchased at stanza for 225 dkk / 30 eur (mobile pay or cash). 

For the launch a special discount will be available, an introduction to the book will be made at 17:30 + there will be drinks!

*Anni’s (founded in 2002) is a moniker for graphic designer Anni Vestergaard, who is based in Copenhagen and specialises in art books and printed matter.

**Each page is reproduced 1:1 and corner aligned bottom right while retaining source pagination.

repetition, repetition, is published by BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE — a small independent publishing house, a community of artists, graphic designers, authors, curators, cultural workers, craftsmen and craftswomen. Founded by Manuel Raeder and Manuel Goller in Berlin in 2011.

28.06 2023
Hard Work: 2

Daniel Kang Yoon Nørregaard
with Melissa Moore

The second edition of the *Hard Work series is as a conversation between graphic designer **Daniel Kang Yoon Nørregaard and artist ***Melissa Moore.

They call that a tree

The conversation will be comprised of a printed installation excerpt of Melissa Moore’s work ‘Foris’ unfolding through a focus on starting their collaboration and discussing the possibilities for re-enchantment and sustainable practices.

*Hard Work is an irregular series of presentations and afterhour drinks hosted at stanza. We invite guests across spatial, vocal, performative and collaborative aspects of publishing to share their practice through research, ideas, and points of interest. Our aim is to shape an informal moment for sharing and reflecting critically together on the conditions of contemporary work, and struggles within the creative industries.

**Daniel Kang Yoon Nørregaard (DK) is a Danish graphic designer, recently relocated back to Copenhagen after spending ≈16 years abroad. With an MA from Royal College of arts, Daniel has worked for Mevis & van Deursen as well Fraser Muggeridge Studio before setting up Studio Ard with Guillaume Chuard in 2016 in London. After moving to Denmark, Daniel has set up a new independent practice, mainly working with culturally related clients and charities.

***Melissa Moore (UK) is a Course Director at London College of Fashion, UAL, a tutor at the Architectural Association, and an artist. Her series ‘Foris’ explores her interest in urban trees, and her current work is based on Epping Forest and its social history.

30.06 2023
Book Launch

Ursula Reuter Christiansen
Adam Christensen

Sengetid / Bettzeit

Published by Kunstmuseet i Tønder

This Friday, stanza is hosting the launch of the book Sengetid / Bettzeit (Bedtime) on the occasion of the newly opened duo exhibition by artists *Ursula Reuter Christiansen and **Adam Christensen at Kunstmuseet i Tønder (7/6 2023 – 7/1 2024).

The publication present the thematic context of the exhibition, through interview, essay and personal photographs of the artists, as well as a selection of Adam Christensen’s texts and poems. The graphic design is made by Asterpile Studio.

Sengetid / Bettzeit can be purchased at stanza for 225 dkk / 30 eur (mobile pay or cash). 

For the launch a special discount will be available, the artists will be present, a performance by Adam Christensen will take place around 18:00 + there will be drinks!

The title, refers to the transitional phase between being awake and sleeping. The ‘bed’ as motif and metaphor, is the frame-work for the artistic encounter. The theme is a familiar one to both artists, having previously worked with beds, bedrooms and all things intimate, through portrayals of childhood, marriage, sexuality and innocence. These personal experiences, embellished in fictional elements, are central to their work. Both artists transform dream visions, childhood memories through storytelling and their identity. The exhibition, assemble two expansive, forceful and eclectic bodies of work spanning painting, sculpture, video and textile works — some brand new and commissioned for the exhibition as well as much older pieces and private archival objects.

The exhibition is curated by Rune Finseth and Mai Dengsøe, and serves as an extension of the exhibition You Might Wanna Stay Over, curated by Mai Dengsøe at Rønnesbækholm (11/6 2022 – 7/8 2022).

*Ursula Reuter Christiansen (b. 1943, Trier, Germany) was a student of Professor Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. Since moving to Denmark in 1969 she has been a key figure in the Danish art scene, while simultaneously playing a pivotal role in the women’s rights movement of the 70’s. Reuter Christiansen was a professor at the Art Academy in Hamburg (HfBK) between 1992-97, and a professor of painting The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1997–2006. 

**Adam Christensen (b. 1979, Aylesbury, England; grew up in Vejen, Denmark) attended the European Film College in Ebeltoft and Goldsmiths, London, from which he graduated in 2007. In the early 2000’s, Christensen was a member of the performance troupe, Dunst. He is currently based in London and has exhibited his work in national and international settings. 

07.06 2023
Book Launch

Rasmus Myrup
The Völvas Bestiary of Best Friends

Co-published by
Coda Pres & s/z

In The Völva’s Bestiary of Best Friends we are introduced to characters from Danish folklore, Scandinavian history and Norse mythology, as envisioned by artist *Rasmus Myrup.

The Völva’s Bestiary of Best Friends is available for purchase at stanza for 330 dkk / 42 eur.

Rasmus Myrup will read from the book at 18:30. For the launch a special discount will be available + there will be drinks!

Making their first appearance as a series of sculptures by Myrup, the characters from this Bestiary are all seen through the lens of a Seeress – The Völva. She knows everything her folkloric friends have been through and will endure in the future. It’s a heavy burden: the workaholism of The Bog Lady, failed attempts by The Elven Girls to end the Patriarchy, Freya’s sob story, the sexual frustrations of The Stream Man and Hild’s inability to stop the war between her lover and her dad. In Myrup’s world, they have befriended each other across multiple spheres of fiction – if they don’t know each other, they at least know of each other.

The concept for the book was developed by Rasmus Myrup in collaboration with graphic designer **Sabo Day.

The book is the first release by stanza’s imprint s/z, and is co-published with Coda Press — a curatorial platform that creates alternative contexts for the circulation of art and published material, based between Bergen and Athens.

*Rasmus Myrup is an artist, based in Copenhagen. His work seeks to explore how the experience of being human is malleable – and how susceptible it is; at its worst to manipulation and at its best to change.

**Sabo Day is a graphic designer with an Amsterdam based studio for art direction and visual communication, in the field of contemporary art and culture.

03.06 2023
Book Launch


her här her

with Magdalena Rozenberg

Published by
Another Space, 2023

her här her started taking shape as a publication, while the the duo *Spacegirls were working on the project Kaffehytten (coffee cabin). The result is a comprehensive cross-scandinavian collaboration edited by **Magdalena Rozenberg. The book contains ***text contributions from architects, scientists and literary scholars mediating on materiality, space, ecology and language. The ambition of the book is not to document per se, but aspires to display and unfold the various surfaces of touch existing within architecture.  

Spacegirls has made a custom display and setting for the presentation and her här her is launched with a conversation between ****architects and graphic designers, who will discuss the relationship between architectural space and space within a book. 

her här her will be available for purchase + there will be drinks!

*Spacegirls is an architecturally trained duo working in the fields of art, architecture, and space exploration.

They work with large-scale, immersive structures, where tactility and materiality are key components. Experimenting with both physical and non-physical materials, Spacegirls explore the relations between (wo)man, object and space.

**Magdalena Rozenberg is a book editor, cultural writer in the field of art, literature and architecture, and a PhD student in Comparative Literature at Uppsala University. Her research is focusing on female subjectivity and the mother- and daughter relationship in contemporary Scandinavian poetry and prose. 

***Texts by Katarina Bonnevier, Andrea Fjordside Pontoppidan, Gro Lauvland, Maja Zander Fisker and Thomas Juul Andersen. 

**** Elisabeth Gellein (Spacegirls, NO), Cisse Bomholt (Spacegirls, DK), Magdalena Rozenberg (Uppsala Universitet, SE), Marte Meling Enoksen (Eller med a, NO) Freja Kir (stanza, DK).

The event is part of Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2023

03.05 2023
Hard Work: 1

with Jesper List Thomsen

The first edition of the *Hard Work series will take part in two segments:

14h—17h collective **Åbake will present Cancelled 6/21/90, and transform stanza into a one-book bookfair, allowing for private views and personal insights. 

At 18h Åbake has invited artist ***Jesper List Thomsen to join and present a reading from his publication FREEEee.

*Hard Work is an irregular series of presentations and afterhour drinks hosted at stanza. We invite guests across spatial, vocal, performative and collaborative aspects of publishing to share their practice through research, ideas, and points of interest. Our aim is to shape an informal moment for sharing and reflecting critically together on the conditions of contemporary work, and struggles within the creative industries.

**Åbäke is a collective established in London in 2000.

***Jesper List Thomsen (1978, Denmark) is an artist and writer living in Turin and London.

Winter 2022

15.12 2022
Book launch and official opening

The Poems and Archive of R. Broby-Johansen
by Line-Gry Hørup

Published by Kunstverein Publishing, 2020

Photographic prints by Johannes Schwartz (edition of 25).
A selection is available at stanza, made possible via Kunstverein Amsterdam

Buen – Vester Farimagsgade, ca. 1960

May I be very well and happy
May I be whichever they can thrive
Or just may they not.
They do not think not only only
But always with prefer
And therefore I like what is mine
For which not only willing but willingly
Because which it matters. They find it one in union.
In union there is strength.
– Gertrude Stein, Stanzas in Meditation (1932)


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stanza is generously supported by The Danish Art Foundation